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We provide door-to-door cargo carriage by road transport in Europe.

Main route countries 
Germany, Italy, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia - we engage in international carriage of full truck loads as well as cabotage.

When providing our services, we aim at
• quality - we carry your cargo safely, complete the orders on time, and provide information promptly,
• flexibility - large capacities, long term agreements and single shipments at spot prices.

We can always offer you additional services
Just in time loading and delivery
Cargo tracking system 
Additional cargo insurance for highly valuable goods

Our group of companies operates a fleet of more than 1100 trucks
• Own ~900 units
• Subcontracted ~200 units
Standard curtainside trailers with certification Code XL (T90L); 13.62 x 2.48 x 2.70 m / 25 t / 92 m³ / 34 ep

Freight securing with special equipment
In standard curtain-sided trailers: straps 2500DaN, side aluminum bars, edge protection, anti-slip sheets

Carrier's civil liability under CMR convention has insurance coverage for the value of 5 million Euros.
Forwarder's civil liability has insurance coverage for the value of 5 million Euros.

Navigation, location control and load security systems
 are installed in all vehicles; this provides an opportunity to choose optimal routes, to manage the location and movement of cargos, and to ensure the safety of loads.

General cargo transportation terms and conditions for carriers 



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