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Currently the group FINĖJAS has more than 1800 employees. Majority of the administrative & management staff has an university degree in the field of transport or business management.

Transport department managers compleated courses and aquired profesional competence certificates by State Roud Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania; Certificates allow to organize freigts, including dangerous freight (ADR) transportation in international and domestic routes.

In year 2006 Finėjas UAB administrative & management staff has acquired a "Customer oriented service" certificate from „Mercuri International".

In year 2008 the company employees have attended "International cargo carriage and transportation" qualification courses and have acquired certificates as well as international "FIATA Diplomas in Freight Forwarding".

In year 2011 Finėjas UAB started organizing regular eco-driving and safe driver training for drivers; trainings are conducted by external Mercedes-Benz trainers and internal company's instructors. 

Company's success in the market is determined by a strong team, therefore we value and encourage our employees, we are proud of those who have started their career and continue it successfully in our team. We always aim that real professionals would work in the company.

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General information: phone +370 528 40150, fax +370 528 40151, E-mail info@finejas.lt

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