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FINĖJAS is a socially responsible company, which focuses not only on compliance with applicable legislation, but also on setting higher goals in everyday activities. The company voluntarily integrates social, environmental and transparent business principles into internal processes, relationship with employees and business partners. We show continuous concern in building safe and healthy working environment. For these reasons, the development of the company is carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability, because we care about our future.

We strive for FINĖJAS’ business partners to support our approach and values. An integral part of our business is cooperation with socially responsible companies with similar approach and values.

We encourage our employees and business partners to contribute to building a better future. All employees of the company are responsible for compliance with the requirements of this document. FINĖJAS’ Code of Conduct is approved by the order of the CEO and made publicly available. Each employee of the company is familiarized with this Code against signed receipt.

Where making themselves familiar with our Code of Conduct, each of our business partners guarantees to comply with the same or similar social and environmental requirements. We strive for all our business partners to carry out their activities on the basis of applicable legislation. By signing you agree to always comply with the rules of this Code.

The purpose of the Code is to reveal and establish the company's core values, principles of operation and standards of conduct.


Transparency and courtesy

Flexibility and expedition

Environmental human-friendliness (EHF)

Mission – to deliver the goods to the destination in a timely and secure manner.


FINĖJAS’ Code of Conduct is the company’s commitment and a document summarizing the values and business principles that we promote. Based on the company’s mission, values and policy, we implement our social responsibility in the following areas: relations with employees, business partners, environmental protection and transparent activities on the market.

► Legal compliance

Every employee must be thoroughly familiarized with the legal acts governing the performance of his/her work functions. The managers must provide their subordinates with the necessary explanation and advice on the application of legal acts in performing their work functions.

Human rights

We commit ourselves to respect the international law: we recognize, respect and protect human rights. FINĖJAS adheres to all legal acts that guarantee equal rights for all people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality, disability, age, religion or belief.

Respect for employees

We acknowledged that the success of our business is determined by all our employees. Relations with employees are based on long-term cooperation, mutual respect, openness and performance of commitments.

We seek to create favorable working conditions for our employees, encourage mutual cooperation and assistance to each other. We help our employees upgrade their professional skills. We encourage our employees to give themselves a try in different job positions enabling an employee choose the place, where his or her individual skills are best revealed.

All employees must have practical/businesslike approach: be regardful, polite, observe the rules of communication ethics and act in a way for their actions not to undermine the company’s business reputation. Courtesy, politeness, discreet communication, conflict avoidance, and mutual respect are the main principles of friendly communication. Demonstration of negative emotions, raising one’s voice at colleagues or business partners is never tolerated. In working life we aspire after benevolent assistance and sharing of experience and knowledge among the colleagues.

Business ethics

FINĖJAS clearly demonstrates against any form of bribery and corruption. We strive to make all business transactions transparent and fair.

In the performance of work functions, it is prohibited for employees to offer/promise/give to third parties (business partners, representatives of state, municipal, or public institutions, and other third parties) and to request or accept gifts (bribes) for the sake of personal gain for themselves or the company.

Business lunch and corporate gifts must be in line with the general business expenditure policy: low value gifts (with corporate image) aimed at building and strengthening customer relationships must be organized in good faith in compliance with this Code. Corporate gifts are not aimed at direct benefit of the company or influencing business partners in decision-making.

We avoid conflicts of interest: situations, in which an employee has to choose between the interests of the company, business partners, or personal interests. The pursuit of personal interests for financial gain, when performing work functions, at the expense of the company or business partners is not tolerated within the company. Business transactions are conducted in the best interests of the company. Neither a natural person nor a legal entity can profit from the company in a fraudulent manner abusing his/her connections with the employee or the employee’s office.

Charity activities are carried out in good faith, in compliance with the principles of this Code of Conduct and not seeking personal benefit. FINĖJAS does not support any political party, politician, or political campaign: corporate resources and logo are not used in order to financially support political campaigns.

Selection of suppliers cannot be based on gifts received. A supplier must be selected according to the optimal proposal criteria only (price/quality ratio). New suppliers are familiarized with our Code of Conduct and informed that our internal policy prohibits bribery and corruption.

We ensure that all customers get uniform quality of services and are not distinguished by receiving better conditions than other customers. Corruption is a gross and intolerable violation of the law.

Dress code for employees

The office employee must dress in a neat and formal way, comply with hygiene requirements, and not distract the attention of colleagues.

Casual formal dress code is followed within the organization. The appearance of an employee must show respect for corporate culture and colleagues.

Appropriate clothing elements: shirts, polo shirts, plain-knit sweaters, formal blouses, classic trousers or jeans, classic shorts (knee length or longer), dresses (knee length or longer), skirts of the same length; clothing according to body type (not too tight), clean, neat shoes, conservative makeup, neat hairstyle, neat beard for men.

Inappropriate elements: spicy perfume, too short skirts or dresses, plunging neckline, exposed shoulders, back or waist, see-through clothing, short leisure, sports shorts, slippers, slip-on shoes, shredded, embellished jeans, bright, massive jewelry, bright-colored manicure, makeup or its elements.

In addition to the above, we also do not recommend for the executives wearing shorts, clothes with extra-large logos and fashion slogans.

Unfree labor

The company's internal policy does not allow the employment of imprisoned persons. Persons wishing to terminate an employment contract may do so in the light of an agreed term of notice without applying any penalties or reduction of remuneration payment. Employees are not given loans, which they would later be forced to work for.

Child labor

The company does not employ children. We speak up for child rights to have an environment where they can grow healthy and acquire compulsory education. According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, a child is considered to be any person under the age of sixteen.

Discrimination, harassment, and abuse

No form of discrimination, harassment or abuse is tolerated in the company. Equal opportunities are ensured for all individuals, who are employed or pursue a career: no preference is given to individuals of a certain gender, race, age, disability, nationality, marital status, sexual orientation, beliefs or religion.

Gender-based harassment is a gross violation of the human right to dignity and immunity. This means that any form of harassment is incompatible with the fundamental values and is not permissible in the company. Sexual harassment at work is considered a gross violation of ethics and work discipline.

We do not tolerate any form of harassment or bullying that is intended to deliberately hurt an individual. Line managers are responsible for developing and fostering respectful relationships in their team based on teamwork; collaboration between departments is encouraged.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Freedom of association and collective bargaining is one of fundamental human rights. We respect the right of our employees to choose whether they should be represented by trade unions in collective bargaining. No employee, who exercises this right, should be discriminated against.

Quality and relations with business partners

We respect each of our business partners and commit ourselves to treat them with respect and honesty, so that they do not doubt the reliability of cooperation between us. Our goal is to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with our business partners.

We provide high-quality services: we comply with all obligations, show concern for the safety and punctual delivery of cargo transported by our customers. We refrain from using fraudulent means when offering our services. We always stay within the bounds of trade secrets.

FINĖJAS may discontinue further cooperation with business partners, if the applicable legislation is breached within their company. In case of unlawful actions, we immediately inform the responsible authorities about detected or potential violations. We do not keep in touch with such business partners, who could impair our company's reputation.

Safe and healthy working environment

We create a safe and healthy working environment and ensure the safety of our work processes. To this end, we draw up safety instructions and continuously carry out training for our employees. We seek to prevent potential damage. The company creates safe workplace conditions for each employee and makes every effort to ensure that employees do not experience stress and feel safe.

The use/possession of alcohol, narcotic, psychotropic or other psychoactive substances in the workplace is prohibited. Working under the influence of narcotic substances or alcohol is one of the major causes of the occupational accidents. The company takes preventive measures by checking sobriety of employees.

Protection of environment

Being one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania, we actively try to reduce the negative impact of our activities on the environment. We strive to ensure that all employees are properly informed and trained on the environmental issues.

We sort and recover waste in a responsible manner. At the same time, we encourage all employees to have the responsibility to save other natural resources (water, electricity) and contribute to waste minimization.

The greatest environmental impact of our company is atmospheric pollution. Minimizing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions due to truck activities is one of the key goals of the company. We contribute to a cleaner environment by buying new haulage trucks on a regular basis and educating our drivers on cost-effective driving. These factors enable us to consistently reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Confidentiality and application of information technologies

All our employees must prevent an unauthorized disclosure of confidential information of the company; no software can be installed on their work computers without the line manager’s authorization. At the same time, we strive for openness, encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience within the confines of confidentiality. The use and storage of unauthorized information in IT tools and storage media located at the premises of the company is prohibited. We encourage our employees to have the responsibility when using the information technology (computers, IT networks, mobile phones, e-mail, the Internet).


FINĖJAS’ employees, who become aware of or suspect any potential breach of the principle of the Code of Conduct within the company or business partner’s company, must immediately inform line managers and/or senior managers of the same. We promote such working environment, in which employees would feel free to report suspected violations of internal and external laws as well as regulations or unethical behavior.

In accordance with the applicable legal acts, managers ensure that all necessary steps are taken to eliminate any unauthorized actions. As appropriate, information is transferred to the responsible public authorities (in the case of corruption and/or bribery).

All employees and business partners of the company can anonymously express their opinion, requests or complaints by dropping a letter in a “suggestion box” (located on each floor at the transport and preventive maintenance departments) or by sending an e-mail to info@finejas.lt indicating that the information is confidential. Anonymity is guaranteed. All suggestions, requests and opinions on working conditions can be addressed to the Health and Safety Committee operating in the company by sending an e-mail to gediminas@finejas.lt 



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