Who We Are?

FINĖJAS is a group of five companies providing international freight transportation, forwarding and complex logistics services.

Finėjas name is of Greek language origin. In Greek mythology, Phineus was a king of the region of Thrace and a prophet. He was very good at navigation. He revealed to the Argonauts how they should make it through the hazard of the Symplegades – the Clashing Rocks (Ovidius XIII, 710; Vergil III, 211, 245).


We aspire to be the first choice for our partners by providing cargo transportation service in Europe, valued for professionalism, high quality of services and long-term partnership.


∙ We have built a huge and long-standing experience in this business.
∙ We are following business changes and technological progress and apply all that in our activity.
∙ Proactive and open communication and fulfilment of agreements.
∙ We have clear operational, service processes and are constantly improving them.
∙ We are looking for solutions creating the best value for money for our partners.
∙ We do not compromise on quality or safety.
∙ We invest in employee development and empower them to act.
∙ We aspire to be an example of cultured and responsible business in transport & logistics sector.
∙ We care about environment and human health.


∙ We are curious, creative and always looking for possibilities to do better.
∙ We are striving for more than 'good', as this motivates us.
∙ We are not afraid to make mistakes - this makes us better.
∙ Different ideas, attitudes or opinions are the source of our creativity.
∙ We accept changes bravely, as this helps us to improve.
∙ Sincerity opens all doors for us.
∙ Keeping our word goes beyond saying for us.
∙ We don't wait for others to do it, we do it ourselves, gather like-minded.
∙ We feel responsible for ourselves and the communities around us.
∙ We are after high working culture as it builds long-term partnerships.
∙ We appreciate feedback - it encourages us to improve.
∙ We believe that teamwork is the key to success.



• Established in 1994 FINĖJAS started carrying part loads by minibuses.
• In 1997 the first trucks with trailers were purchased and the office with the garage was moved to private premises in Maišiagala, Lithuania.
• In 1999 we started hauling cargo in Western Europe under ETMK licenses and made partnerships with freight forwarding and logistics companies of Western Europe.
• In 2004 Lithuania became a member of the European Union, which created new opportunities to grow and develop our activities.
• In 2008 the company implemented a construction project of new Transport and Logistics Centre (11 500 m²) in Vievis (Lithuania) and moved all company's activities to this place.
• On 8 June 2014 Finėjas, UAB celebrated the 20th anniversary of successful activity. We were pleased that the company's revenues surged by more than 10 times over the last decade.
• Since 2014 the company started upgrading its fleet and purchasing modern Euro 6 trucks as well as curtainsider trailers (Code XL).


• In 2015 FINĖJAS developed into a group of several companies providing international freight forwarding and integrated logistics services.
• In Fleetboard Drivers' League 2015, among 350 companies from 18 EU countries, FINĖJAS ranked 4th, and among Lithuanian companies – 1st.
• In 2016 LINEKA, the Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics, announced FINĖJAS to be the best company of the year 2015.
• In 2017 FINĖJAS is among 100 biggest GDP generators in Lithuania.
• In 2018 IRU, the International Road Transport Union, declared Dainius Ambrasas, FINĖJAS employee, to be one of the world's best road transport managers and to receive IRU Award for Top Road Transport Managers.
• In 2019, as the group of companies grew, another building was built near FINĖJAS office with 170 new workstations, catering and training facilities, as well as recreation areas.
• Today, FINĖJAS is one of Lithuania's road transport and logistics leaders successfully expanding its activities in Europe.



year experience
122 mln €
1 950
128 750
1 250
100% euro 6

Certificates and memberships

• A member of LINAVA – the Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association
• A member of LINEKA – the Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics
• Certificate for using "Lithuanian Green Energy" in activities
• SQAS certificate (Safety & Quality Assessment System)
• ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Quality
• ISO 14001:2015 certificate for Environmental-Protection
• ISO 45001:2018 certificate for Occupational Safety & Health
• AEO standard - currently implementing
Why Choose Us?
  • Quality services
  • Fair prices
  • Years of experience and a team of professionals
  • Customized logistic solutions
  • Cooperation with reliable partners
  • Innovative and modern methods of operation
Don't hesitate - choose our company as your business partner!
Main service – freight transportation
• Standard, packed 
• Non-dangerous (non ADR)
• Non-temperature controlled 
• FTL loads
International routes
between European countries
TOP one way trips
• DE - BNL - FR
• DE - AT - IT
• DE - ES
• IT - FR
Main countries of round trips 
• DE / BNL / AT / IT / ES /
  FR / CH / DK / SE / UK
vehicle fleet
Operated fleet of 1250 trucks
• 1000 own (Euro 6)
• 250 subcontracted 
Tautliners XL (T90L)
Security and

• Freight protection system in trailers with alarm system with direct connection to the central monitoring panel 24/7
• Real time monitoring systems
• Load fixing equipment
• Eco & safe driving training
• CMR insurance EUR 5,000,000

Our clients from all across Europe 
• Big, famous international concerns
• Small, medium-sized enterprises 
A team
of professionals

• EN/ DE/ FR/ IT/ RU/ PL speaking staff
• Managers FIATA certified
• Regular employee training 
• Drivers know-how on European routes

KPI analysis
• Order processing
• Accidents on roads
• Reducing consumption


• Latest technology in haulage trucks
• Telematics
• Transport management system
• E-invoices
• Performance analysis

Environmental and
social responsibility

• Environmental reporting
• Ensuring a safe working place
• Code of Conduct
• Long-term support for children
• Performing social campaigns


• Constant cooperation for carriers
• Sale of used vehicles
• Rent of warehouse space

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