Who We Are?

FINĖJAS is a group of five companies providing international freight transportation, forwarding and complex logistics services.

Finėjas name is of Greek language origin. In Greek mythology, Phineus was a king of the region of Thrace and a prophet. He was very good at navigation. He revealed to the Argonauts how they should make it through the hazard of the Symplegades – the Clashing Rocks (Ovidius XIII, 710; Vergil III, 211, 245).


We aspire to be the first choice for our partners by providing cargo transportation service in Europe, valued for professionalism, high quality of services and long-term partnership.


∙ We have built a huge and long-standing experience in this business.
∙ We are following business changes and technological progress and apply all that in our activity.
∙ Proactive and open communication and fulfilment of agreements.
∙ We have clear operational, service processes and are constantly improving them.
∙ We are looking for solutions creating the best value for money for our partners.
∙ We do not compromise on quality or safety.
∙ We invest in employee development and empower them to act.
∙ We aspire to be an example of cultured and responsible business in transport & logistics sector.
∙ We care about environment and human health.


∙ We are curious, creative and always looking for possibilities to do better.
∙ We are striving for more than 'good', as this motivates us.
∙ We are not afraid to make mistakes - this makes us better.
∙ Different ideas, attitudes or opinions are the source of our creativity.
∙ We accept changes bravely, as this helps us to improve.
∙ Sincerity opens all doors for us.
∙ Keeping our word goes beyond saying for us.
∙ We don't wait for others to do it, we do it ourselves, gather like-minded.
∙ We feel responsible for ourselves and the communities around us.
∙ We are after high working culture as it builds long-term partnerships.
∙ We appreciate feedback - it encourages us to improve.
∙ We believe that teamwork is the key to success.



• Established in 1994 FINĖJAS started carrying part loads by minibuses.
• In 1997 the first trucks with trailers were purchased and the office with the garage was moved to private premises in Maišiagala, Lithuania.
• In 1999 we started hauling cargo in Western Europe under ETMK licenses and made partnerships with freight forwarding and logistics companies of Western Europe.
• In 2004 Lithuania became a member of the European Union, which created new opportunities to grow and develop our activities.
• In 2008 the company implemented a construction project of new Transport and Logistics Centre (11 500 m²) in Vievis (Lithuania) and moved all company's activities to this place.
• On 8 June 2014 Finėjas, UAB celebrated the 20th anniversary of successful activity. We were pleased that the company's revenues surged by more than 10 times over the last decade.
• Since 2014 the company started upgrading its fleet and purchasing modern Euro 6 trucks as well as curtainsider trailers (Code XL).


• In 2015 FINĖJAS developed into a group of several companies providing international freight forwarding and integrated logistics services.
• In Fleetboard Drivers' League 2015, among 350 companies from 18 EU countries, FINĖJAS ranked 4th, and among Lithuanian companies – 1st.
• In 2016, the company started garage activity in Belgium.
• In 2016 LINEKA, the Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics, announced FINĖJAS to be the best company of the year 2015.
• In 2017 FINĖJAS is among 100 biggest GDP generators in Lithuania.
• In 2019, as the group of companies grew, another building was built near FINĖJAS office with 170 new workstations, catering and training facilities, as well as recreation areas.
• In 2019 FINĖJAS became a member of the TTLA – International transport and logistic alliance.
• In 2021, approximately 23.000 sqm. warehouse was built, next to the FINĖJAS office (in Vievis).
• Today, FINĖJAS is one of Lithuania's road transport and logistics leaders successfully expanding its activities in Europe.



year experience
228 mln €
162 690
1 500
100% euro 6

Certificates and memberships

• A member of LINAVA – the Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association
• A member of LINEKA – the Lithuanian National Association of Forwarders and Logistics
• A member of TTLA – International transport and logistic alliance
• Certificate for using "Lithuanian Green Energy" in activities
• SQAS certificate (Safety & Quality Assessment System)
• ISO 9001:2015 certificate for Quality
• ISO 14001:2015 certificate for Environmental-Protection
• ISO 45001:2018 certificate for Occupational Safety & Health
• AEO standard
• SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)

Why Choose Us?
  • Quality services
  • Fair prices
  • Years of experience and a team of professionals
  • Customized logistic solutions
  • Cooperation with reliable partners
  • Innovative and modern methods of operation
Don't hesitate - choose our company as your business partner!
Main service – freight transportation
• Standard, packed 
• Non-dangerous (non ADR)
• Non-temperature controlled 
• FTL loads
International routes
between European countries
TOP one way trips
• DE - BNL - FR
• DE - AT - IT
• DE - ES
• IT - FR
Main countries of round trips 
• DE / BNL / AT / IT / ES /
  FR / CH / DK / SE / UK
vehicle fleet
Operated fleet of 1400 trucks
• 1400 own (Euro 6)
Tautliners XL (T90L)
Security and

• Freight protection system in trailers with alarm system with direct connection to the central monitoring panel 24/7
• Real time monitoring systems
• Load fixing equipment
• Eco & safe driving training
• CMR insurance EUR 5,000,000

Our clients from all across Europe 
• Big, famous international concerns
• Small, medium-sized enterprises 
A team
of professionals

• EN/ DE/ FR/ IT/ RU/ PL speaking staff
• Managers FIATA certified
• Regular employee training 
• Drivers know-how on European routes

KPI analysis
• Order processing
• Accidents on roads
• Reducing consumption


• Latest technology in haulage trucks
• Telematics
• Transport management system
• E-invoices
• Performance analysis

Environmental and
social responsibility

• Environmental reporting
• Ensuring a safe working place
• Code of Conduct
• Long-term support for children
• Performing social campaigns


• Sale of used vehicles
• Rent of warehouse space

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