Freight transportation services

Our business is based on FTL freight shipping services of standard, packed, non-dangerous (non-ADR), non-temperature-controlled goods.

Shipment is organized within the international E-road network
 with a capacity of over 3000 FTLs per week.

We carry freight
• On the one-way trip basis
• On the round trip basis
• Cabotage

Main one-way trips
• Germany – the Benelux Union – France
• Germany – Austria – Italy
• Germany – Spain
• Italy – France

Main countries of round trips 
Germany / the Benelux Union / Austria / Italy / Spain / France / Switzerland / Denmark / Sweden / England

When providing our services, we focus on
• Quality - we carry your cargo safely, complete the orders on time, and provide information promptly
• Flexibility – high capacity, long-term agreements, and single shipments at spot rate

We can always offer you additional services
• Just in time loading and delivery
• Order administration process through client-specified platform
• KPI (Key Performance Indicator) monitoring
• Online tracking option
• Additional cargo insurance for high value goods

FINĖJAS GROUP operates a fleet of more than 1,400 trucks 
• 1400 own (Euro 6)

Tautliner trailers with code XL (T90L)
13.62 m x 2.48 m x 2.70 m (length / width / height)
92 m³ capacity, 34-euro pallets and 25 t payload

Other transport used
• Vehicles of certified and trustworthy carriers for SPOT shipments
• Sea ferries and RO-RO trains

Team of professionals
• Experienced transport managers and drivers providing premium quality services; know-how on European routes.
• English / German / French / Italian / Russian / Polish speaking staff ready to help 24/7.
• Managers have attended the international cargo carriage and transportation qualification courses and have international FIATA diplomas in freight forwarding.
• Regular eco & safe driving, cargo fixing & securing trainings for drivers.

Our clients from all across Europe are both famous international concerns as well as small and medium-sized enterprises


Real time monitoring systems and tuck trailer load security system
with alarm with direct connection to the central monitoring panel 24/7 enable choosing most preferable routes, controlling cargo positions, movement, driving hours, and ensuring safety of loads and drivers.

Load fixing equipment
• 20 straps (2500 DaN)
• 40 edges
• 32 side aluminium bars
• 2 cross boards
• Anti-slip sheets

KPI monitoring
• Orders processing
• Accidents on roads
• Reducing consumption

• Carrier's / Haulier's civil lability under CMR Convention, and Freight Forwarder's civil lability has insurance coverage for EUR 5,000,000
• Compulsory motor vehicle insurance - Green Card
• Kasko insurance of all our motor vehicles
• Insurance of all company employees against accidents
• Insurance of other company assets

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